Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mundane Monday

I thought I would bore you with the mundane. I actually like mundane and can find humour in it most of the time. On this particular Monday night, fresh from finishing work I bundled the dog into the car en route to new vet for flea stuff aka kill the blighters! She did something she has never done before and puked up in my nice new(ish) mini. Son was accompanying me but only to get a lift post vet and dog walk. I say dog walk but he couldn't walk very well having done his back in. The top half of his body was at such an angle to the lower half they looked like they didn't belong together. Having insisted the only way to cure said back pain was to hang off something which he tried to demonstrate by hanging off a door frame and nearly ripping it from the wall, I pointed out that the park playground had bars and beams perfect for hanging off. Suddenly the big 21 year old of 6'2" felt awkward and apparently the apparatus was the wrong sort to hang from. 
Having duly dropped off my charge I raced home to wash sick of my dogs arse, yes she sat in it too, and the back seat of car. There is one piece of partially digested vommed up biscuit that is wedged down the side of seat belt that I cannot get out. The car will stink forever. I no longer love my car. 
By now it was 730 and I was getting peckish. Spicy chicken salad done I chomped and trawled through work emails I hadn't had time to do earlier. There was also chuntering at having to do said emails. 
Monday night is always hit the studies nard night for my MBA and I managed an hour or so  before i couldn't tell my theories from my elbow. Remembering to take banana cake out of t'oven I decided my brain could only cope with an episode of The Good Wife before turning in. It's 1130pm and son has just returned home clanking around the kitchen foraging. It's amazing how loud feckin Tupperware is when you are trying to go to sleep