Sunday, 13 March 2016


So here I am Sunday night doing some back ground reading for my MBA because that's the way I roll OK.  Scanning the Harvard Business Review, cos I am so well read, I came across an article on Starbucks and their practice of clopening.
What on earth is clopening I thought?
So type in the phrase to twitter and I'm astounded really. This is up there with zero contract hours. The practice of closing one shift but being expected to be there to open the next. I watched my son do this last year when he was working for a well known local bar group, award winning too. They serve expensive drinks by staff who are on zero contract hours and victims of clopening. Sometimes he would get home at 4 or 5 am and be back on at 11am. When he complained he lost is shifts.

Why do we treat people like this?
I don't think this rant is over. I feel a letter coming on!

Monday, 7 March 2016


I had never hear of Puerto Rico until a  kind lady rang me up and said "you've won a holiday there!" I know a hell of lot more about the Caribbean, long haul flights, luxury hotels and the rum industry than before.

A holiday of humidity, heat, beautiful beaches, great food and utter luxury. St Regis Bahia Beach staff were the most wonderful hosts ever. They upgraded us to a suite. Yes a suite! We had a butler and literally didn't have to lift a finger. Clearly the playground of wealthy Americans. We went on trips to the rain forest, catamaran and snorkeling adventures. We hiked our selves off the to local beach  at Luquillo where the sea water was like a warm bath and the 60 odd kiosks offered every variety of food you could imagine. We opted for El Jefe for its famed burgers and the name if we a are totally honest.  We swam, slept and sunbathed. A stunning place where nothing was too much trouble.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Burning the midnight oil

The study regime is in full sway. A creature of discipline means Monday, Tuesday Wednesday are books out head down kind of nights. As the term gathers momentum funnily enough Thursday nights join in too. But never ever Friday nights. And you can back away from my Saturdays too.

Having promised myself faithfully I would not start the week again with a late night Monday thus knackering myself before I've even begun, lo and behold here I am flitting between Spotify and my essay gone past 11. Dog is at my feet harrumping because she cant sit on my knee when I'm at the pc. She much prefers the laptop.

Joys of Study, I do hope it will be worth it. At this rate its going to take the full 6 years to pass :(