Saturday, 1 August 2015

Whip it!

There I was wandering around M&S of a Friday teatime looking for treats ( it had to be done.) Taking a basket rather than a trolley to stop all those goodies jumping into my shopping cart I had already got my Dine in for £10, even though I had dinner sorted, pizza x3 for the ever hungry young adults when I sipied the old Walnut Whip. Chocolate is a must of a Friday evening and these are old favourites. But. Oh walnut whip what happened to you? They are smaller than before I am sure. The chocolate is definitely thinner and the walnut on top is the only nut you are going to get. This isn't the classic I remember. I'm sure if tried the sour apples they wouldn't be sour, black jacks would not stain your tongue to the same depth of colour, space dust wouldn't crackle quite as loud and Hubba Bubba's bubble wouldn't blow quite so big. 

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