Monday, 29 June 2015

What would you do?

There was a holiday. A blooming amazing one that I won, but more about that in other posts. The thing is there is a sour taste in my mouth from the final hotel. 4 nights we spent there. Breakfast included with everything to else to pay for. We ventured out for our food and drinks preferring to mix with the locals. $10 for a beach parasol and tips on the breakfast as all we spent there so we knew it was a cheap do. Until we got to check out. Nearly $500 had been charged to my room, signature forged and so on. A classic case of fraud by hotel member of staff. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Don't worry, said the hotel after insisting I must have bought cheap gold jewellery from their overpriced store full of tat, we will do a full investigation and no charges will be applied until the outcome.Can you just stand in front of this security camera like a criminal to help u sin our investigation, they continued.
The charges went on the next day. It's taken over 3 weeks to realise it wasn't me and now I'm still waiting for refund. Here's the thing though. They've offered a refund for the wrongly charged purchases only. I'm stating that they should refund the credit card charges too as they're a direct result of charging when they said they would wait til post investigation. What would you do?

Oh and they had hair dryers with the shortest electrical lead ever which you could only use in the bathroom ( electricity in the bathroom !)