Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter eggs, traditions and a trophy

Today is egg rolling day. An event handed down from mother it has been going now for .... many a decade. There was a brief dry period when we lost our urge to throw hard boiled eggs down a hill. Then it came back, revisited, reinvented like new series Dr Who, Sherlock or Poldark. It's competitive, there are rules, there's a trophy, sometimes a luge.  Like the Olympic Games of London 2012 or Tour De France grand depart  2014 it is as much around the build up, the food, the themed decoration, the entertainment as it is about lifting the trophy ( yes there is a trophy) above ones head.
Will it be longest reigning champion She-ra back from uni to claim her title? Or will my sisters family, always a bridesmaid never a bride, finally get the sticky chocolatey fingers on the prized silverware. My guess it will be a close call this year. With 14 participants  it's a full house, 2 huge joints of meat, a lot of bubbly, easter bunny on stand by and bunny napkins. Bring on the Egg Roll!