Monday, 2 March 2015

Ageing process

As age seems to catching up on me I have some observations.
- never ever go anywhere without tweezers. Hairs grow in funny place and can spring up overnight. You may go on a long weekend with a face like baby and come back looking like part of Mumford & Sons
- those killers heels in the back of the wardrobe are going to stay there as you trade them for more sensible block heels 
- you can be taken by surprise by a fart that just slips out
- any appointment to do with you health ( see dr, optician, dentist etc ) will start with the sentence "at your age..."
- at my age I am wiser 
- at my age cynicism has set in
- there are some things just not worth worrying about
- there are no creams that get rid of wrinkles or hold back the ageing process
- there will always be gin in the house
- there are great pleasures to be had in the little things
Anyone wish to add to the list?