Sunday, 7 September 2014

University bound

She-ra is university bound. Got her first choice. A happy bunny. The guest room is accumulating stuff that will be needed at a rapid rate.
I am so pleased for her but clearly will miss her too.  Who else will I be able to do these things:
- speaking a made up Scandinavian language every time a new scandi drama comes on
- kitchen disco dancing
- supreme cake baker and kitchen messer upperer
- a go getter try anything once which inspires me to do the same
- that 'look' when you both just know
- whole conversation conducted in Irish, Welsh, Geordie.  We are none of these
-fashion guru. Apparently I am no longer capable of dressing myself and need her advice, whether I want it or not
- the same can be said of my make up. Don't get me started on eyebrows
- a great dog walker
- fellow binge TV viewer. Yo! Mr White Orange is the new black.

I could write a long list. Bon Voyage beautiful daughter. I am so very excited a
for you and damn bloody proud.


  1. Oh yes, oldest boy is at Uni (law) it's a big change, a big hole in my world and a big worry (money/safety when inebriated/alcohol and weed intake mostly) but yes, proud is the word.
    Good luck to your lovely girl.

    1. Betty - I have stuck my fingers in my ears and shit my eyes. I will open them in about 3 years