Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Typical pre holiday mayhem

Today is a typical day in my wee life. Particularly when I have a house full of adults teens and wrinklies.
So far on this stay I have had to buy 1 new iron and 1 new toilet seat. It is day 5. She-ra declared that Grandad must be "shit wriggler" because no one else wobbles the downstairs loo like he does of which he oft to be found complaining. Meanwhile She-ra en-suite has developed a crack in the seat. Bear with me. To ensure that it was a seat crack and not her bottom she tested the variable like Goldilocks and the three bears trying out all 3 sanitary items of the house. Its definitely the toilet, she declared. After much dismantling and rearranging and losing my rag with her toilet seat that was never going to move, we now have rearranged & purchased toilet seats to suit all bottoms. This is rock n roll. At one point I did take a hammer to try and budge the screws etc and envisaged smashed porcelain. Not a  good move.

As we are about to depart on our jolly leaving wrinklies on doggie day care I felt I should mow the lawn. This I did in the rain. I am sure this could be dangerous but I was on a mission.

In between time there has been the poker face off between 2 car dealerships as I have taken the plunge to buy a new mini and have been battling them down on price This is not what you want when you are trying to navigate Ryanairs check in system and deciding which bikini you should take.

The Kindle I ordered on express delivery has yet to arrive. No doubt I it will appear just as I'm going tomorrow. I couldn't face learning the new technology at this stage. The books I bought just in case it didn't arrive will have to go in my pants or something to avoid Ryan-airs draconian excess baggage charges.
We also had....
A Bolognese bubbling away all day which I managed to conjure up this morning.
A conversation with my mortgage company about fixed rates
Ink bought for the printer so we can print off Mr O'learys boarding pass requirements
There is a stack of ironing and dog giving me the sad face as she spied the cases.
God  I need a holiday.
Oh and I'm out to dinner this evening. I feel a large glass of something coming on. Pass the Olives wont you.

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and that you have remembered to pack your sun lotion.