Monday, 23 June 2014

Recipe Inspiration Required

When Dad and his wife come to stay I have to up the ante when it comes to meal times. They are foodies. There is no more "oh we'll just have poached egg on toast" or " use by dates are more of a guideline anyway" Not only do I have dinner but I have to think of lunch too. That's 2 meals per day! My poor wee brain can't cope. I love my food but am more of a n eat when I'm hungry girl. ( okay woman! )
Last time they came we had;
Roasted pear, toasted walnut and feta salad,
Pan roasted chicken with olives and vine tomatoes on bed of spinach with lemon courgettes,
Linguine with Pork polpette with lemon, chilli and pine nuts in a tomato, garlic and spinach sauce.
Steak and chips
Pulled pork  and jerk sauce.
Chilli Chicken
Pasta with a variety of sauces
The occasional roast
Most meals have a Mediterranean feel as dad is not a lover of things spicy/curry. I may try and inflict my chicken sag aloo. 
I am writing this as I pat my Cheese baby belly. It's made up of the most wondrous cheeses washed down by equally wondrous wine, gin, sherry. Would that constitute a meal perhaps? Actually the amount of pre dinner drinks and nibbles often do constitute a meal!
Any meal ideas for their next trip which is looming, I mean in 2 weeks as they arrive for the Le Tour. I'm running out of ideas.


  1. Try risotto? Thing is, you can put, you know, most things in... Just soften some chopped onion in a little oil for a few minutes, add some canned tomatoes, bits of cooked meat if you like, stock (water + stock cube!) rice... you know... season how you like... bit of cheese... ��

    1. I'm quite a dab hand in the kitchen apart from one thing. Risotto!