Saturday, 7 June 2014

Last day ever

She-ra  has had her last day ever of school. Year 13. Done. 'A' levels underway. 1 more exam and she is done. The last day of school seemed to revolve around planning where she and her pals were going to go drinking. This is the default position these days.

In the afternoon we got texts to let me know there was a leather jacket purchase.

Then  texts such as this

At about 9pm a very happy slurry thing fell through the door. She talked gobbledy gook. She showed off her new purchase arrived back downstairs in pjs, gabbled a bit more and disappeared to her loft room. I believe she conked out and was out for the count when I peaked in later.

When she left for 6th form at 0730 in the morning earlier that day excited about her day ahead she shut the door the behind her and set off. As I locked the door I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat realising it was the end of an era with my youngest child. Job done.


  1. Beautiful Pics....and I know of what you speak...or did a few years ago.....and don't era ends and another one begins..... now my 'living and working in London' girl rings/texts when she..... has a toothache/has had a bad date/can't find her favourite shoes/doesn't know which ready meal to buy in M+S/just wants a through the ether yes job done and a good job too Mrs W.....the next phase is acoming!

  2. Thanks Libby. Don't think you can ever call time on this parenting malarkey x