Sunday, 8 June 2014

Get that penis off my back

I am lounging in the garden mid afternoon finding off a tardy hangover ( Berocca do your thang) and wishing for a few zeds.
She -ra is lain beside me having a revision break. Also employing delaying tactics as she keeps throwing a deaf one to my mantra of "get back to your revision "
Delaying tactic 52 - spray mothers back with sun cream several times whilst she is dozing. This causes much hilarity as I spasm from the cold spray of Piz Buin.
Delaying tactic 55 - rub cream into mothers back then draw a huge penis in the cream on her back. More hilarity. I am shrieking " get that penis off my back!" Whilst also wondering about the amount of detail she put into said drawing.
Delaying tactic 56 - rubs cream liberally all over back but doesn't avoid the recently purchased expensive bra. " mind my bra mind my bra" "I am !" She harrumphed. "Undo the strap" I urge. Result! Back to those revision books in a flash

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