Monday, 7 April 2014

Teenage conversations

I have come from work late, again. The soon to be 18!!! year old She-ra is sat on the bottom step chewing the fat with me with a wet towel round her wet hair post shower.

We discuss the revision covered that day. The fact that she NEEDS, not wants, clothes shoes etc for her to wear on her birthday. The fact that she has hijacked my hair appointment.
She stands up " just shaking the wedgie out" Classy bird.

Meanwhile in the other corner the 19 year old He-man tells me that MUM in fact stands for
He has eaten all the bacon in the house. He mainly resides at his girl friend's coming home to scour the cupboards for good stuff to eat, shit shower and shave. Oh and use the wifi



  1. All normal then. Over here Uni boy has been coming home to eat as the kitchen at his halls is 'too dirty to use, even the microwave' as everyone else apparently trashes it... hmmm. Teenage boy consumes the kitchen even more thoroughly as I made the huge mistake of teaching him to cook....

  2. Betty - Glad he knows how to cook. Hope you got those cupboards stocked up for th Easter break!