Friday, 3 January 2014

Long time no blog

Oh my lordy Lord it is 2014! Where has 2013 gone to?! Where has the blogging brain cells gone too? Last seen writing about banana cake some 2 months ago I have been bereft of time to jot nothing more than ideas.
I give you my notes with words yet to be created....

He's got it up! - the one about my father father finally realizing a life ambition and self publishing his first novel. Click here if you want to read it for your self

I've got the builders in - Not a euphemism I genuinely had the builders in

Ebay hell and back - it is always hell whether you are buying or selling. I am now the proud owner of a John Lewis sold wooden wardrobe with bits missing that I have had to glue together and hope that no one stands on the bottom shelf like I did. I have waited in for randoms to collect various items and strike up bizarre door step conflab.

E-unharmonious - my trials with eharmony as I tried to claim a refund under the Sale of Good Act. Seriously how can you possibly strike up a conversation with someone when you get no photo and 12 words to describe them with eg Question - what cant you live without? Answer Fresh air!. I may still write this blog

Annual Wreath Making Society no 17 - it's been it's gone I had not got a jot of Christmas mojo until about 24 hours before the event. My efforts were pathetic this year but good friend of Christmas log fame excelled herself this year.

New Year - that's been and gone too! I can take it or leave it. This year I embraced it with both arms. Come one 2014 make it a good one.

...and with that I have done nothing more than jots, embraced my instagram or twitter for illiterate as some may call it. Hey a picture can say a thousand words and on instagram I'm prolific


  1. Happy New Year - I do look forward to your posts, you always make me laugh. Would like to have seen your wreath though.Betty

  2. All the best for 2014...up and at'em!

  3. Betty- just fit you I will post a photo but be prepared to be unimpressed.

  4. Libby- I think that's my family motto

  5. I haven't embraced instagram, I believe my children are addicted, maybe best I stay well away, HNY, may 2014 bring you mucho joyo (no, I've no idea where that came from either! ) x

  6. I'm trying to make more of an effort this year to blog. I know I said that in 2012 and 2013 but I've posted two and half posts so far this year, impressive yes? I'm expecting great works from you Mrs Worthington!