Sunday, 26 January 2014

Incontinence, Pink Lady and Buttocks

I'm having a birthday. In fact a weekend,nay a whole week,  of celebrations. Its not a biggie but hey who cares!

It started with a well hatched plan with my Scottish Besie.

Hitting the ground running the moment she arrived a group of us embraced the delights of the inner city, venturing where we have never ventured before. It was Fab.U.Lous Dahlink! It was the next day that I learnt of my friends' recently discovered incontinence problem. Ok Ok so she isn't incontinent but rather the victim of a hot water bottle disaster that found her swimming across the bed in the middle of the night. I'm such a good friend!

To reward me for my efforts she took my to Harvey Nichols for Tail of the Cock. Bring on Pink Lady. My new favourite cocktail. Can I live like this every weekend? I took my wee girl from the sticks to a proper cinema. All hail Everyman - we bloody love you! We are so rock n' roll we drank mint tea - with a tea pot - whilst we watched 12 years a slave.

It would appear that having watched a lot of sadness and beautiful buttocks on the big screen we needed a cheer up when we came home from our mid afternoon viewing. A Marks & Spencer meal for 2 and Magic Mike was double buttock-licious And I give you the ingredient for a superb weekend.

Can I just say, #cijs, we do NOT look like Cagney & Tracey but far more Charlies Angels!


  1. A very happy birthday to you
    auntiegwen xxx

  2. Ah, belated birthday wishes. I hit a bit of a biggie birthday on Monday. Still can't bring myself to willingly say/type it! Your's looks like a fabulous time was had. I sometimes watch the old C & L reps. Can even remember a few from the first time around!