Saturday, 2 November 2013


Face creams I love you. I am in search of the best lotion. One that could roll back the years or hold them still for a wee bit anyway. I think I am blessed with reasonably good skin but still lavish cream on morning and night. That said it's no Creme de la Mer here. Think more Palmers Cocoa butter (£4). The really thick stuff. However I find that a bit too thick for a day cream and for the past year or so I have been trying out these.

Liz Earle Day cream - pot (£20)
I love Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. I have also discovered her make up and am in lipstick heaven. The clay mask is also a hit. However I wasn't over impressed with this cream and it didn't last that long either. Maybe I need to go a level and go for full strength superskin?

Biotherm - Blue Therapy Serum (£38) and Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Anti-Fatigue Concentrate Serum (£27)
Skin,Ergetic Serum was pretty good, leaving skin feeling lovely and radiant. Gets my vote though a bit pricey for my pocket.

Healgel (£37)
Sent to me to try out, unlike the others which were funded from my own pocket. I have been applying this gel to eye area, forehead for those attractive wrinkles and generally anywhere else where I feel I need Healgel.Does it work? I'm not sure. It tingles when you put it on, it smells fresh and absorbs quickly into the skin. I've been using it a month and I still have frown lines but  its pretty reasonably priced. It also works as a primer. I was in Space NK the other day and found it stocked there too. The staff all swore but it but then I find Space NK staff swear by every product in the shop.
The blurb says
"Apply HealGel Intensive to any area of troublesome, unbroken skin, two or three times daily. When used sparingly, this hard-working skin care essential also acts as the perfect base for make up. Originally developed to improve the appearance of scars and relieve bruising and swelling, diminish redness and irritation, HealGel Intensive addresses and resolves a whole host of common skin complaints, such as rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and sunburn too. It’s also a great emergency repair for stressed skin or when you feel your complexion needs a little extra loving care to restore its radiant glow. HealGel Intensive is a true multi-tasking medicine and beauty cabinet essential."
Would I buy it again? Probably

Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect moisturiser (£23)
I love their serum not so much their day cream. I would probably opt for Liz Earle day cream given the choice. The serum is great as is eye cream

Olay Day Total effects 7 in 1 moisturiser ( varies as often on offer approx £10-15)
I have been using this one most recently and think its ok for a day cream. I don't look like Thandie Newton yet but give me time. It does have a slight iridescence to it which if I don't rub in properly ( happens regularly ) it looks like  slug has danced across my face.

If anyone has a top tips beauty regime please do tell. I also refer you

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  1. I used crème de la mer last year but v v pricey. As I am now funding lots of offsprings exciting adventures I am now poor, I am having a go with nanoblur over make up which seems to make me smoother and Liz Earle light moisturiser. I have bought the olay 7 with BB cream to have a go with too xxx