Sunday, 17 November 2013

Tagine, taxi and bush trimming

Just a typical week for me that I thought I'd share in the hope that someone says "snap, me too"

Work is very very busy. I don't talk about work on here in case they are watching. I know they are watching. I am have become  regular with the taxi company for early morning lifts to train station. Sadly I still get a kick  out going to London as if it's my first time ever. It is  FAB.U.LOUS city and I love it. I do not love the train in front breaking down on way back leaving us stranded for 2 hours outside Peterborough. And yes the only thing for it was to have gin and crisps for tea

The ironing pile has gotten so huge that it could be listed as a newly discovered Munro. Care to scale it anyone? I am sorely tempted to investigate getting a lady what does in. However as I equate everything back to how many shoes I could buy with same money I think I can turn a blind eye a little longer.

The shower ceased to work during the week and I managed only by keeping my finger on the on/off button for the whole time. You should try early morning contortions you really should. One dismantled shower later and it seems to be working.

The builders are still to finish painting the outside of the house and also most of the ground by he looks of it.

There has been little laughter this week and I miss it. It keeps me up, keeps me going. She-ra spends most of her time in her room "studying" ( knowing wink)

The dog has hardly been walked due to my over extended working days and is either sulking or waking early for revenge.

Finally I hired a mahoosive van to collect an equally mahoosive wardrobe won on ebay. No body messes with a lady in a van I can tell you! At least that's guest bedroom done ( as Gordon Ramsey would say)

My Sunday will be filled with being teenage taxi, beef tagine maker and bush trimmer. And scaling a large ironing mountain.


  1. Ironing has got rather wonderful for me since adult boy went to uni - I discovered most of it was actually his (outfit to wear in bed/outfit to wear during day/outfit to see friends - all in a day every day) although I miss that pile of ironing - there's no pleasing some people I suppose!

  2. Folding folding folding and hanging up means very little ironing here nowadays.....and what is your job? I am intrigued now.....

  3. Betty - ironing has to be one of my least favoured chores. Now vacuuming.....
    Libby - folding is good. Can't reveal my job *looks over shoulder nervously

  4. Gin and crisps, lovely!!!! that was my staple diet for several years :)

  5. I have to get prepared for huge ironings. DVD, iPod, latte's ect - sometimes I get thrown peanuts at........