Sunday, 24 November 2013

Reasons to be cheerful

Ok so now that Ian Dury and his Blockheads are earworming your head in its good to count your blessings.
This week I have been thankful for the following:

  • a big solid wood John Lewis wardrobe bought on ebay for £50 and now in pride of place in guest room
  • my BiL & Step dad for putting up said wardrobe
  • A daughter who is so happy in following her dream its a joy to see. This has meant late nights every night this week when I have to do a 30 mile round trip to pick up daughter post Christmas show but to see her face. you guessed it its worth it.
  • 10 hours sleep in 1 go. This is unheard of in my house, well for me not the teenager. That's a typical weekend
  • 2 runs in 1 week. I haven't managed this for ages plus I also got to the 4 mile milestone I had set for myself a week earlier than planned. I hated every step of the way and really have lost my running mojo but somehow still got my butt out there
  • getting the rarest hot roast beef sandwich with rocket at work. Normally it is so tough and chewy but this week. Ta dah!
  • for sticking with Homeland - its finally coming together but so little of Brodie
  • a clean fridge. Sad I know,. There was  strange smell. I had to find the source. We have 2 fridges side by side each looking a guilty as the next. The integrated bastards. I hate them. Source found. Source exterminated.
  • buying not 1 but 2 Christmas magazines at great expense, Ideal Home & Homes & Gardens if you want to know. Then having the audacity to veg mid afternoons and read them . The audacity I know!
Small pleasures...

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  1. Magazines and vegging mid afternoon - sounds great. Congratulations on your running target, I can't even run for a bus although I do swim several times a week to keep the bingo wings at bay I had under a bathing cap and imagine that nobody knows who I am. Your fridge clean has reminded me that we have a freezer in the garage that's sprouting cauliflower shaped ice sculptures and needs defrosting! Have a good week, Betty