Friday, 25 October 2013

Year of Comedy

Four years ago my sister and I decided this would be the year of comedy. We would book and go see said comedians, together. We love to laugh. We failed miserably.At least going together that is. Until this year. Jimmy Carr I thank you. A pre-show supper at wagamama;s with my wagamama virgin sister. An amble down to the venue. Sat close enough to the stage but not close enough to be a victim of said comedian. Surrounded by convivial hecklers my sister could not help herself, shouting BAGUETTE as I shrunk into my seat.
Our cheeks hurt when we left. Before I had come up for air sister dearest has now booked is in for 2014 with Sarah Millican. This year of comedy maybe gaining momentum? A tradition now set? Now she's 35.....?

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