Saturday, 14 September 2013

Happy Birthday Mum

Friday 13 September may strike fear into the hearts of many but for me it was mother's birthday. She would have been 69. 26 years gone and I will never forget. I was but a bairn, a young adult on the cusp of life, and my sister much younger still when she died. I'd love to be able to spend time looking for the perfect gift with my sister, planning the family birthday gathering and listening to the hilarity of our banter. I wonder what she would have worn, what hair style she would be sporting, what gift she would have treasured that year. I wonder a lot.
She was a lover of wry and humorous and introduced us to Roald Dahl and ironically the 13 September was indeed Roald Dahl Day. My sister posted one of our favorite quotes from The Twits. Happy Birthday mum.


  1. I was wondering yesterday as I went on a solo jolly to the garden centre. Would we have gone together, had she been here - like Nan and she did.

    How she'd laugh at Charlie's stealth humour and how much Lily would have loved her. How much laughter we would have had together - the three of us throwing back our heads.

    It hurts, but it's made easier by having you to hold my hand.

    Big love to you x

  2. Laura - I have only just stopped blubbing from writing that blog and now yo have set me off again

  3. I really wish she was here with you both. Love you xxxxx