Sunday, 22 September 2013

Elysium, Oblivion, Bladerunner

Last night we had an impromptu trip to the cinema. We love the movies. We are a family exceptionally nerdish about cinematic facts and IMDB app is on our phones to help fuel the "wasn't that actress in such and such a film?" along with " when was so and so made?" to knowing dialogue and the directors  full back catalogue. Yes we also suffer from cinema script Tourettes ( that is to go with the Petrol head Tourettes) such as " I only meant to blow the bloody door off" as someone accidentally slams the door - you get my drift. As I settled down to watch Elysium  ( Rotten tomatoes rating  68%)I felt like I had been here before; many times in fact. From Oblivion, to I am Legend,  with slight detours to The Road,Terminator series, I-robot and ending up at Bladerunner; the future looks so grim. Sometimes it looks orange too with all that post apocalyptic burning in the skies. And as I look round the cinema, the walk home, at the happy smiley faces of those around me I am not sure I believe I all this future hype. Human spirit, the pleasure in the small things is what will save us.Be it from robots, some unseen super power, cannabilism or Tom Cruise.

My daughters summation of the film was simple. " Its just about borders mum"she said solemnly, " instead of Mexicans trying to cross the borders into the US they are now trying to get into the the giant hula hoop in the sky" Nuff said.

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  1. Simple wise words. We are a 'film family' too.........but the older I get the more I hate going to the pictures........would rather watch at home now, even if it means waiting a little while.