Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What did you do tonight?

HI think we have been taken over by the spirit of Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer. This is a pretty typical evening chez nous.

First there is the run. The warm up exercises seem to take almost as long as the run these days and are becoming more bizarre as I accumulate more injuries. We were especially careful today following the major knock on the ankle 2 days earlier. I ran like Forrest  Gump.

Post run She-ra makes a mockery of mother. She especially loved my "Victor" face (see The returned) whilst tucking tee shirt into shorts pulled up very high. No there are no photos. 

Then came the cry. "Great British Bake Off " whilst eating our own baked goods we sniggered at some and "ooood" at others. The show is euphemism central providing us with great giggles. The Chocolate Show Stopper nearly had a wet pants moment.

Some how during the show snap chatting body parts with She-ra sat 2' away became a norm. As did daughter hiding en route to bed only to jump out to scare me. Licking my face and realising I tasted of salt because 3 hours later I was still dressed in sweaty running clothes. My retort is to sprinkle her hair with water shouting "Monica hair" or "frizz"! She had a genuine look of horror on her face.

"Escalope" she-ra says in such a funny fashion that our bedtime routine ends in hysterics over 1 word. Repeated several times makes it even funnier.

God I hope no one is watching. 


  1. Look at your cankle! OMG
    I can imagine exactly how my niece said escalope and I am enjoying our new 'body part' snapchat challenge.

  2. Love this story, and can just picture the whole thing! xxx