Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Introducing Dog

Its a Pets theme of Tara blog today. So I had to give you a wee snap shot of our lovely hound, Lola.She of "the Dog" in my blog title.
She who is sat at my feet right now.
She knows when I wake there is a walk at early doors where she can meet her doggy pals.
She knows on returning home from work there is another longer one, maybe even accompanying me on a run.
If she's really lucky she gets taken out by the kids too.
Every day is like groundhog day, she bounces down the stairs with such velocity that its like her very own helter skelter.
He-man plays with her far more than I do. I get the cuddles, the burrowing, nuzzling under my arm pit. I get the sad come to bed eyes when she has been on her own all day.
She-ra has a night buddy for it is her room alone that she likes to hunker down with.
Moulting, smelly, squirrel chasing, yappy, we love her to bits.
She's our rescue dog, in fact all my life our dogs have been waifs and strays. I love a good breed as the next person but give me a rescue dog any day.

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  1. She's beautiful. I long to have a dog but the men aren't ready for one here so I borrow other peoples for walks!

  2. Betty- she'll never win Crufts but we love her. Dog borrowing sounds like a good plan to me

  3. We have rescue dogs too. They are the best :)

  4. Lola's beautiful :)

    We are familiar with the cone of shame too in this house, so often in fact, I bought Stella a padded one!

  5. When I was growing up we always had rescues, I totally agree with you that they are the best. Our Monty was a kind of rescue, not mistreated but given up due to a marriage breakup by a friend of a friend :-)