Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Introducing Dog

Its a Pets theme of Tara blog today. So I had to give you a wee snap shot of our lovely hound, Lola.She of "the Dog" in my blog title.
She who is sat at my feet right now.
She knows when I wake there is a walk at early doors where she can meet her doggy pals.
She knows on returning home from work there is another longer one, maybe even accompanying me on a run.
If she's really lucky she gets taken out by the kids too.
Every day is like groundhog day, she bounces down the stairs with such velocity that its like her very own helter skelter.
He-man plays with her far more than I do. I get the cuddles, the burrowing, nuzzling under my arm pit. I get the sad come to bed eyes when she has been on her own all day.
She-ra has a night buddy for it is her room alone that she likes to hunker down with.
Moulting, smelly, squirrel chasing, yappy, we love her to bits.
She's our rescue dog, in fact all my life our dogs have been waifs and strays. I love a good breed as the next person but give me a rescue dog any day.

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Shoes and Biker Jackets

I have a passion. That passion is foot wear. I cannot help it I should go to a self help group. Whilst I have a jar for the Louboutin fund it regulalry gets raided for the window cleaner fund or the milk fund; you get my drift.I prefer a bargain. However I also believe in paying for quality and apply the relative spend theory to any purchases that might make you gasp/roll your eyes/inhale a wee bit. That theory being if you are going to wear that said item to death then it will have cost you pennies as opposed to that item you wore once ( you know the one I mean ) and cost your £50.

With that said I bring you shoes. We have a shoes calendar in the kitchen that with every turn of the month there is much pondering of which shoes we would buy. That is how I came across Aperlai. They have a particular pair of boots that I am now pining for and nothing else comes close.

My beautiful biker jacket of softest leather bought many moons ago needs replacing. It is bigger than me after I have shrunk somewhat with my running and anxiety diet. I look like I am playing in my mothers wardrobe. It's time for a new one. This is one area where you would definitely be able to apply the relative theory of spending.I have had my nose stuck against the window at Reiss, All Saints and have now discovered BLK DNM. Do you think they might send me a sample of leather of I can test the softness before I buy?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What did you do tonight?

HI think we have been taken over by the spirit of Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer. This is a pretty typical evening chez nous.

First there is the run. The warm up exercises seem to take almost as long as the run these days and are becoming more bizarre as I accumulate more injuries. We were especially careful today following the major knock on the ankle 2 days earlier. I ran like Forrest  Gump.

Post run She-ra makes a mockery of mother. She especially loved my "Victor" face (see The returned) whilst tucking tee shirt into shorts pulled up very high. No there are no photos. 

Then came the cry. "Great British Bake Off " whilst eating our own baked goods we sniggered at some and "ooood" at others. The show is euphemism central providing us with great giggles. The Chocolate Show Stopper nearly had a wet pants moment.

Some how during the show snap chatting body parts with She-ra sat 2' away became a norm. As did daughter hiding en route to bed only to jump out to scare me. Licking my face and realising I tasted of salt because 3 hours later I was still dressed in sweaty running clothes. My retort is to sprinkle her hair with water shouting "Monica hair" or "frizz"! She had a genuine look of horror on her face.

"Escalope" she-ra says in such a funny fashion that our bedtime routine ends in hysterics over 1 word. Repeated several times makes it even funnier.

God I hope no one is watching.