Sunday, 21 July 2013

Into the archives

A bit late to the game this week but none the less I am here with Tara's "the gallery" Into the archives.

I give you three decades of me. 60's 70's & 80's. I can hardly remember anything surrounding any of these photos.

60's - My grandad. Or as my sister renamed him Da. Poor poor man. He was treated terribly by his wife and her family aka Bonkers Nan who renamed herself from Grandma to Nan leaving me very confused. Long since dead, former soldier of the Black Watch, master french polisher. Brilliant card games but couldn't remember your name. Liked a lot of potatoes and drank from a pint pit of tea. Tha'ts him no tme.

 A rare one of me and my drug dealer. Oooops, sorry no that was mother rocking the all the leather and raybans look. She is very thin so must be divorce diet.

Rather fitting it thought given that She-ra has just come back from a holiday in Bulgaria with another family and WITHOUT me to protect her! Been in Liam Neeson mode for past week - I will find you and when I find you I will kill you etc... This is me same age clearly with sex traffickers, NOT.  What goes n holiday stays on holiday right?!

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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  1. Sounds fun. There should be a lot of nostalgic snaparoonies with this group. Might look into it later!