Monday, 3 June 2013

When She Loved Me

She-ra is 17. She has old head an old head on young shoulders. When we moved to this current house she was just 14. As we unpacked boxes things got put into wardrobes and there they stayed. Bags full of teddy bears. A library of books from the Harry Potter obsession that was accompanied by the board games, a desire to be a wizard through to Darren Shan, the "gory" phase and more books on horses and ponies than you could shake a stick at. There were handbags, shoulder bags, bags we had made together. All stuffed with stuff that young girls like. Scoubis galore. Stationery, pens, pencils and a multitude of bits of paper with writing on. Diaries with one page written in wobbly attempts at adult handwriting with touching recollections of her day. First forays into fashion. Old photos and newspaper articles cut out as keepsakes. They were all piled into the middle of the room. As she piled them high I found myself sorting through and looking at all the things she no longer wanted. Keepsakes of her child hood. I had a Jessie moment. My daughter knows me so well that without me even saying anything she said " Mum this is just like Jessie in Toy Story". I maintained a brave face. But you trying keeping a dry eye when you hear this song and think of your own children growing up. Go on I dare you.


  1. Yep...crying now......miss my babies x

  2. That song always makes me cry! *sniff sniff*

  3. I couldn't click. As soon as I saw the title of your post I had to torture myself by taking a peek but I know I will blub if I listen to it.

    Maybe I will click and cry later...

  4. I'm hoping that some of those things will be making their way over to her cousins.

    My children are far more eager to chuck stuff out that they no longer play with than I am even though the 8 year old cries far more than I at that song ...

  5. Oldest boy is departing to Uni - think I will play this when he packs.

  6. Such a touching song and how poignant those words.

    I'm a sentimental hoarder. Suitcases of drawings, books, pics and all sorts of art forms.