Monday, 24 June 2013

Quads & Hams

People run for all different reasons. It's not just about keeping fit. For me it's a great stress reliever.  No sooner have I walked in the door from work or just got up I'm out the door. I come back a better person. The dog is happy too and can tell my running gear from any other item pulled from the wardrobe. Recently I signed up for a 10k; my first since the great Achilles' tendon rip of 2010. Only there's been knee pain. And as we know the knee bone is connected to thigh bone etc. Resting it didn't seem to make much of an impact. This time I needed extra help so took myself off to a sports physiotherapist. It's not the knee it's the quads and hams. And it's the quads and hams because of the Achilles' tendon of 3 frickin years ago. A slight alteration in my running style apparently is stressing elsewhere.
My run is in July weeks and I haven't done a single step for weeks nor am I likely to for the next few weeks either. Whilst I joke that I run so I can eat cake and drink beer it keeps me sane. Without it, without that endorphin hit, I can feel the black dog pulling at me. So forgive me if I start doing my exercises whilst we talk, I have to get back out there!  


  1. hope you will be able to run without risk of injury. I have various creeky joints due to numerous road accidents, falls etc (very clumsy me) so it's not for me. I know what you mean about the black dog - I go to the gym to keep him away, it's my santuary for emptying head and de-stressing.

  2. Can I just say 'ouch' and good luck!!