Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dr Who?

There's a lot of chat on twitter on who the likely candidate should be to take over from Matt Smith as Dr Who. ( He's down with Sylvester McCoy as my least favourite) As a child, Dr Who,  had me hiding behind sofas. It then fell off my viewing spectrum as I grew older before arriving back with a bang with Christopher Ecclestone. My own children watched, grew scared and the generational glue of tv culture is still sticky. The best baddies we always found were those that were most lifelike/realistic -Blink for example. Or that scary one with the dolls? Oud, daleks, or cyber men they just don't scare me.

So who can step in to those time travelling shoes to entertain us on a dark autumn Saturday, offering respite from "Britain's Got No Bleeding X Factor Get Me Out Of Here?"

I give you my list;
1 Idris Elba - licks lips says no more
2 Miranda - hilarious incidents all over the galaxy. Such fun
3 Jack Davenport - voice like chocolate, useful when hiding behind a cushion
4 Dame Judi Dench - what she could do with a raised eyebrow...
5 Omid Djalili - my favourite Iranian. He can dance too something the Daleks can't
6 Dr Sheldon Cooper - why not have a "real" doctor in da house
7 Matt LeBlanc - how you doin'? To a Dalek, great stuff
8 Maxine Peak - we can go all northern, fab
9 Phillip Glennister - maybe he could resurrect Gene Hunt?
10 Ron Weasley - I don't think there's been a ginger in the lead role yet?

I doubt the BBC will take note of my list. There will be too much political correctness hand wringing going on. I shall watch with interest who Auntie Beeb appoints. Who would you like to see in the role? 

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  1. Oh wouldn't Miranda be fun! I can imagine her getting lost in the Tardist or not being able to get back in = can't wait to find out who the new Doctor will be.