Saturday, 18 May 2013

Independent Lady

My daughter is beside herself with glee. Her provisional driving licence has just arrived in the post. The one she has saved up for. She is happy with the photo as it is linked to her passport ID. The one she posed for for HOURS! in the booth at the supermarket. She is blessed that her Grumps is a driving instructor and has been hankering to get her behind the wheel. The lesson is booked and she is only just 17! Knowing how good he is at getting students confident behind the wheel and through their test I think we could have an independent lady, mobile of own means before the year is out. He-man was a different matter. Unfortunately despite showing the promising signs of being an excellent driver the lure of his bead proved too much and he could never get up in time. Oh the embarrassment of being dumped by your driving instructor particularly when they were your Grumps!

Will Britain's roads be safe I ask myself as She-ra takes to the wheel? Actually I think they will she has an old head on young shoulders. Course I know that the minute we start with the lessons the next thing will be car and insurance.  Given that she has to travel about 30 mile round trip to her college this actually could be a blessing in disguise. No more checking on the times of the last bus home, or having to do a a massive out of my way journey to pick her. Not that that happens very often. Plus her post 'A' level options at the moment may also involve travelling if she doesn't opt for student halls.

Knowing how focused my daughter is I can see that she will have passed her test before she returns to her final year in September. Being a bit of a Top Gear junkie and regular readers of Driving in the Sunday Times I know that the car is the least expensive part of the next stage of getting wheels. It's the insurance that's going to be the killer. Clearly its time to compare car insurance  and get the best deals and minimise the "ouch" factor. Some companies offer teenagers deals that are tied into mileage and some kind of black box that tracks your every move to try and bring the price down. Do you think Black Box is similar to those found on planes that track your every move? Actually I don't want to know; its a whole new area of parenting that I need to get my head round.

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