Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Drink Drink Drink!

Taras theme is drink for the Gallery this week. Seriously, drink!

There is a drink for the morning,
There is a drink for the night,
A drink to say "I love you with all my might"
Drinks for celebrations or commiserations 
There is a  for every occasion.
Coffee for the morning
Tea for the night
what I love best is the popping sound of a cork,
Pop bang fizz, glug, glug glug
It does the biz!
From high days and holidays,
 a cheeky glass of wine at lunch is a treat not to be missed. 
That first glass of something ice cold,
Gin and tonic through to a sharp Sauvignan Blanc or a beefy meaty red, the occasional cocktail or a pint! 
There is little that I dislike.
 ( save Pernod and martini - bad bad teenage experiences )

Digest some of my drinky poo photos why don't you. Drink anyone?



  1. there's a lot of drink going down!

  2. I long to be properly pissed again. I'm nearly always tee-total and totally on tea!

  3. A drinks poem, brilliant! Is that you in the first pic ? Gorgeous :)