Monday, 29 April 2013

Shit shit shit

We love a good shit in this house. There are certain phrases to do with shit that have stuck like shit to the white porcelain of verbose banter. He-man came out with a classic one year - something about being as dark as the shit stuck on a ubend. My own is ... cosmic shit.... Currently Shit tip can be heard through out the house. Life's a shit tip, you're a shit tip, you're room is a shit tip, I have a shit tip literally. Ew
She-ra refers to certain people with Shit inserted into thier name. See Nicole Shitslinger

or Michael Shitmacher

Naturally I do not approve of this kind of talk and after a chastisement I will try to hide my smile.


  1. we like that word too - shithead is affectionately applied to everyone in this house. I once got told off for sending an email warning about a caller who I felt was 'as thick as shit' hadn't thought it was a big deal but am more careful with use of favourite word now.

  2. Shit has a firm place of variety in my male dominated house, too. It's not all bad, mind you, we've had some cracking evenings of amusing ourselves trying to come up with shit/toilet related type songs, eg:

    Crapture by Blondie*
    Waterloo by Abba*
    Just A Little Flush - Jeniffer Paige* I'll have no future problem trying to pronounce her name properly now!