Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Running and running and running

I dedicate this post to my good Scots friend who has embraced running with gusto and has signed herself for Edinburgh half marathon and a full marathon in the autumn ( in a vineyard ). I just hope she has got some better tunes than Gummi bears. *cough

I run. Or at least I try. 2 years on since popping the ol Achilles and the other playing up means taking it easy. No snow or running on ice for me. I pay particular attention to where I am putting my feet. Those Yorkshire flag stones may look good on the pavement but there's not one that's laid properly. They are the guilty culprits. Anyhow I have got, getting, the mojo back, trying to break the 10 minute mile and do a 10km under the hour later this year. With my new running app, run keeper I have a wee voice telling me how fast I'm running, distance etc and a sound track. Here is the soundtrack with some deliberately slow ones to give me a break.

Gold Dust - DJ Fresh
Everybody wants to rule the world - Tears for fears
Take me I'm yours - Squeeze
Stool Pigeon - Kid Creole
Ghosts n stuff- Deadmau5
Sexyback- Justin Trousersnake
Only Girl -Rihanna
Born this way - The gaga
Let me think about it - Ida corr ft Fedde le Grand
White noise - Disclosure
Sexy & you know it - LMFAO
American Boy -Estelle
Riverside - Sidney Samson
Jumbo - Underworld
Lightning Bolt - Jake Bugg
Flashing lights - Kanye
Teenage dream - the Perry
When love takes over - David Guetta ft Kelly Rowlands
Supermassive hole - muse
Ready for the weekend - Calvin Harris
Chelsea Dagger - the Fratellis
Beware of the dog - Jamelia
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
Sweet dreams my L.A. ex - Rachel Stevens
Funky town -Lips Inc
Dy-na-mi-tee -Miss Dynamite
Forget you - Cee Lo Green
Don't  Call me Baby - Madison Avenue
Move like Jagger - Maroon 5

If you have some good toones I can run to then please comment below I need some more.


  1. Aww thanks my Yorkshire pal - btw I've got Sexy Back too! Don't knock 'I'm A Gummy Bear' til you've tried it! In infectious in a non contagion type of way. Americano by Lady Gaga - it's got a great fast bit at the end. Also Pump It - Black eyed Peas,Ready for the Weekend - Calvin harris, Mr Blue Sky (a must, try running to the beat, you'll get your sub 2hr 10k no problem) Dancing with Myself - Generation X, Night Boat to Cairo - Madness, oh so many great tunes to listen to with NO ONE (kids I mean) to interrupt the reverie. Just don't get run over :) xxx

  2. Brilliant soundtrack! I'm so pleased to see a Squeeze song there, they were a huge part of my youth! I visit a blog every Tuesday (link opens till the weekend) that hosts favourite music. Your songs would really fair there!