Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happy as a.....

This week's Taras gallery brings us the theme of happy.

I spend a lot of my time searching out the happy. The joy of the small things; sunshine on a cold day ( any day in fact ) the foam on top of a freshly brewed coffee, a shared smile, the feel of fresh clean bed sheets the smell and feel of a brand new yet to be read book, the joy of seeing the first seedlings push their way through compost, the pop of a cork,  the pleasure of seeing your offspring discover something new and exciting. I have a long list. I could go on. The biggest most important thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD that makes me happy is my family. They are a mad bad crazy bunch and I love them all to bits. We roar with laughter nearly all the time. Because behind the laughter there are tears and as a family we have had too many tragedies to mention. My family makes me happy.



  1. Nothing else would matter without them really - we are blessed to have families....and you relish each and every minute with them.

  2. Ah yes, you're dead right there, Mrs W.

    What very long tongues you both have ;-)

  3. Lovely pics. I particularly like the one of the cuddle, aww...

  4. what a lovely tribute to your family, you really are blessed

  5. Looks like Magnum PIs moustache has fallen off *cough*

    I love that the time e spend together is spent laughing.

    L xxx