Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Putting the fun into fund raising

I am writing this post on behalf on my good friend Anne and all the good work she does. It's not a sponsored post but a helping hand to Yorkshire Cancer Centre and in memory of mum. I can recall the support we were given as a family when mum was diagnosed over 25 years ago and without people like Anne and organisations like Yorkshire Cancer Centre it would be a much tougher time for all those affected by cancer. Please take a moment to read Anne's story and if you could tweet or pass on the good word that would be fantastic. And if you fancy a trekking trip even better! At the last count there were still a few places left so sign up now! What else could you possibly be doing on 4 - 13 October this year or 1 - 11 March 2014?!

In April 2008, Anne was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer and went through a year of gruelling treatment including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It was pretty tough, but it was during that time that she was struck by the great work that goes on at the hospital.

For the last year she has volunteered in the fund raising department of the Yorkshire Cancer Centre (YCC), based in the Bexley Wing at St James’s Hospital in Leeds and has seen at first hand the fantastic work they do to support the many cancer patients & families from the huge catchment area which the charity serves (2.6m people across Yorkshire, over 2000 patients treated daily at the centre).

To her credit Anne now manages the International Trekking Challenges side of their fund raising, which increasingly plays a vital role in generating funds that directly benefit the  local cancer patients, and is currently promoting our Great Wall of China Trek, October 2013, and Trek Nepal, March 2014.  But – they really need more people to sign up for these challenges, and as soon as possible. 

Both treks are proving very popular:some participants are looking forward to tackling China's great Wall, one of the modern seven Wonders of the World, others cant wait to witness the awe-inspiring Himalayan Annapurnas of Nepal. But Yorkshire Cancer Centre is still looking for more people to join up, and advise would-be trekkers not to worry about their fitness levels or the fund raising - both are definitely achievable

Maybe these guys could inspire you.

Don't think about it just do it! You will not regret one moment. Make the commitment. Enjoy the fund raising and enjoy the whole experience. it will be one of them best things you ever do
Kevin Pickering

The cheerfulness and enthusiasm of the YCC team together with efficient and excellent organisation made the whole experience very rewarding on every level
Kay Nicholson

A wonderful experience that totally exceeded all our expectations. it was a privilege to be part of a team dedicated to raising money for such a worthy cause. a life-changing journey!
Catriona Lyon

So if you fancy China, or Nepal or would like to be more involved in Yorkshire Cancer Centre Anne would to hear from you.

Twitter - @YCC_Appeal
Email - anne.o'

Monday, 29 April 2013

Shit shit shit

We love a good shit in this house. There are certain phrases to do with shit that have stuck like shit to the white porcelain of verbose banter. He-man came out with a classic one year - something about being as dark as the shit stuck on a ubend. My own is ... cosmic shit.... Currently Shit tip can be heard through out the house. Life's a shit tip, you're a shit tip, you're room is a shit tip, I have a shit tip literally. Ew
She-ra refers to certain people with Shit inserted into thier name. See Nicole Shitslinger

or Michael Shitmacher

Naturally I do not approve of this kind of talk and after a chastisement I will try to hide my smile.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happy as a.....

This week's Taras gallery brings us the theme of happy.

I spend a lot of my time searching out the happy. The joy of the small things; sunshine on a cold day ( any day in fact ) the foam on top of a freshly brewed coffee, a shared smile, the feel of fresh clean bed sheets the smell and feel of a brand new yet to be read book, the joy of seeing the first seedlings push their way through compost, the pop of a cork,  the pleasure of seeing your offspring discover something new and exciting. I have a long list. I could go on. The biggest most important thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD that makes me happy is my family. They are a mad bad crazy bunch and I love them all to bits. We roar with laughter nearly all the time. Because behind the laughter there are tears and as a family we have had too many tragedies to mention. My family makes me happy.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Running and running and running

I dedicate this post to my good Scots friend who has embraced running with gusto and has signed herself for Edinburgh half marathon and a full marathon in the autumn ( in a vineyard ). I just hope she has got some better tunes than Gummi bears. *cough

I run. Or at least I try. 2 years on since popping the ol Achilles and the other playing up means taking it easy. No snow or running on ice for me. I pay particular attention to where I am putting my feet. Those Yorkshire flag stones may look good on the pavement but there's not one that's laid properly. They are the guilty culprits. Anyhow I have got, getting, the mojo back, trying to break the 10 minute mile and do a 10km under the hour later this year. With my new running app, run keeper I have a wee voice telling me how fast I'm running, distance etc and a sound track. Here is the soundtrack with some deliberately slow ones to give me a break.

Gold Dust - DJ Fresh
Everybody wants to rule the world - Tears for fears
Take me I'm yours - Squeeze
Stool Pigeon - Kid Creole
Ghosts n stuff- Deadmau5
Sexyback- Justin Trousersnake
Only Girl -Rihanna
Born this way - The gaga
Let me think about it - Ida corr ft Fedde le Grand
White noise - Disclosure
Sexy & you know it - LMFAO
American Boy -Estelle
Riverside - Sidney Samson
Jumbo - Underworld
Lightning Bolt - Jake Bugg
Flashing lights - Kanye
Teenage dream - the Perry
When love takes over - David Guetta ft Kelly Rowlands
Supermassive hole - muse
Ready for the weekend - Calvin Harris
Chelsea Dagger - the Fratellis
Beware of the dog - Jamelia
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
Sweet dreams my L.A. ex - Rachel Stevens
Funky town -Lips Inc
Dy-na-mi-tee -Miss Dynamite
Forget you - Cee Lo Green
Don't  Call me Baby - Madison Avenue
Move like Jagger - Maroon 5

If you have some good toones I can run to then please comment below I need some more.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

We are better together

This weeks theme on Tara's gallery is Together. I'm on a blogging roll at the moment so well I just had to dive in...

I'm better with togetherness. It brings out the best in me. The more the merrier. Together we are strong. Having just returned from a glorious few days north of the border I enjoyed togetherness with my oldest friend, sister and respective families. Too much wine was drunk. Way too much. Too much food was eaten. Way too much.There were running sessions to counter balance the wine and grub, Pooh sticks, children's walks, EGG ROLLING! a lot of food, parties, an 80th birthday, dancing and a lot of laughter. So much so my stomach muscles still ache a few days later.

This is what my "together" looks like and without it I wouldn't be the person I am today.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Egg Rolling

The 2013 Egg Rolling competition has been and gone. There were 20 participants this year. Location:North of the border. We have a winner. 3 times a winner in fact! 2 years on the trot. Us losers observed keenly her rolling tehnique to pick up tips for next year. However I do believe there is a challenger coming up through the ranks. She-ra beware!
Bloody fabulous sport - so entertaining!