Thursday, 28 March 2013


A gallery post for Tara's The Gallery.

How I love my walks. Like Tara my day day starts with a dog walk at around 7am or a bit earlier in the summer. It is so part of my ritual that I miss it when I'm away. Equally the arrival home is also dog walk time. Sometimes it's running which she enjoys just as much. The evening walk clears my head of all the stresses of the day. I have to do it the minute I get in for full effect. Sunday is known as Dog Day in fact I think the dog knows its Dog Day for this should be the day of the extra long special walk. She knows this.

For it to be a good walk there has to be open space and lots of it, preferably lots of other dogs to have mad racing about fun, it has to be a circuit, water nearby,  of any kind, is even better.

Walks I have loved and known and share with you here include:

Harewood estate a good 5 miler with lots of variations to boot and a 6' wall for my dog to jump up onto
Shipley glen but away from the holes
Whitby to Sands End
Robins Hood bay
Grizedale Forest
many a lake and reservoir

Enjoy walking, I do!



  1. That's one lucky dog! I can't understand owners who don't commit to the initial promises and responsibilities to making sure their pet has a full and happy canine life! The walks looks so spacious and tranquil - and the exercise an added bonus, too!

  2. we love the whitby to sands end too! :-)