Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Meaty Madness

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The lovely people from Asda invited me back. Clearly they are gluttons for punishment after the Asda pie challenge from last year. Accompanied by Laura, the sister and English mum and a few others besides we met with Head of Innovation, Mark Richmond and Asda's very own meat buyer, Jim Viggars.

No one knows meat like Jim Viggars and no one  knows the farmers as well as Jim either. Proud of his farm gate to plate policy we had a whistle stop of meat knowledge and a bit of prepping the ol' lamb to boot, leg of, with rosemary and garlic garnish in a sexy criss cross fashion, french rack all done with super sharp knives and special chain mail glove.

We also learnt how Asda make sure you get your value in pack weight and showed us how some people will keep more bone in the pack or rack than is necessary for instance. I shall watch out for that in future. At £8 per kilo the price was pretty dazzling too.

The wines were heavenly a full bodied Malbec and splendid Rioja and went a treat with the lamb dishes and amazeballs vegetables prepared by Mark Richmond

I love a good plate of veggies that have been more than just peeled and boiled. Carrots and swede cooked for 6 hours in carrot juice were unbelievably sweet, blanched roasted pan fried on a  bed of thick tomato garlic sauce or beans  kale and lemons, not forgetting the saffron Easter roast potatoes and gratin dauphinoise. We were shown an array of salsas with thyme, mint,shallots, garlic, lemons and lavender being my favorite. English mum did little lavender burps for the rest of the evening - how er lovely.

I will most definitely be cooking the shoulder of lamb dish that Jim and Mark showed us. Slow cooked until it just fell of the bone with salsa, Moroccan spices, harissa sauce and pitta bread was just divine plus a cheap cheap cheap cut of meat to boot.

The legs of lamb we dressed came home in freezer bags and will be making an appearance on Easter Sunday when we will be a party of 20! Think I better pop to Asda for another leg then. Oh and pop some bottles of Malbec in there whilst you at it will you

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  1. It was such a good night. I learnt loads! Love that pic of English Mum - looks like she's saying pruuuuuunes.