Thursday, 21 March 2013

Grape expert

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The lovely people at Welch's sent me some of their juice to sample. If you have teenagers you may agree with me on how much of a god send this could be. Shares in an orchard and orange grove is called for. We seem to go through vast quantities.

We have recipes to sample and 3 kinds of juice - white grape & raspberry, purple grape light and rose grape light. White grape & raspberry is a hit, less so the purple grape but we have come up with some great smoothie recipes with it and tried out the spare rib glaze too. I don't think Innocent have anything to worry about though as my smoothie recipes tends to be a glass of juice, half a banana and what ever fruit I can lay my hands on.

I am rather smitten with the provenance of the juice and love the bio (&beard) of original Mr Welch..
In his effort to produce a non alcoholic alter wine for fellow church goers he inadvertently opened the gateway for fruit juice processing, a process still pretty much unchanged today from 1869! I have to say that pouring any of these juice into one of my beautiful thin stemmed wine glasses to sip from mid week could be my new mid week non alcoholic tipple as I have yet to find one that hits the spot.

Meanwhile everynight I come home from work yet another empty carton seems appear on the work top,drained of its contents. We'll call this a success then.

If you’re on Twitter,  follow @Welchs_UK for the latest product information, recipe ideas and healthy tips.  They are very good at finding great recipes to try which I am thankful for when it comes to midweek meal planning. If you take a peek at my Instagram feed you can see a recent posting or two of recipes I found through them.

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  1. I've never seen the rosé grape one kicking about the supermarket shelves as I would have given it a go. My son and I are big gulpers of white grape and raspberry.