Sunday, 24 March 2013

Changing Rooms

Move over Trinny & Susannah, Gok you can budge too I have a new friend, Nadia at Debenhams. This is not a sponsored blog and if the truth be told I would have rather have gone to House of Fraser only they didn't offer the service at my store so Debenhams was next choice  But boy did they know their stuff. I took along two willing friends for my humiliation with promise of lunch and even a Jo Malone Hand and arm massage afterwards  A full on girly day. I am not a girly girl so this was alien to me. The idea of spending 2 solid hours of doing nothing but try clothes on is really my idea of hell. Being the cynic I am I really thought I would be offered high price label and hideous high fashion outfits to try on. In fact we all did. How wrong could we be. A quick run through sizes, what kind of things I was looking for and we were off!  Work wise I'm OK but outside of work I seem to live in jeans and plain t shirts and posture fit ( not Converse for me, always have to be different ). My colour palette rarely strays from brown, olive, white, black, grey and navy blue. Boring boring boring! I now have a range of colourful items with my Betty Barclay floaty top being my fave.

I ended up with about 30 items including  following
2 jackets,
1 pair trousers
1 pair flat ballet pumps
1 jumper
1 vest top
2 tops
2 dresses

I used my nus card on some items that were from Oasis and got a further 10% off by taking out a store card whose balance will be cleared immediately. A good day. I have some photos here of the good the bad and the ugly.Please note the suitably stupid expressions I pull, I think I should try out for gurning competitions.

 2 hours flew by and I think there must have been 60+ garments tried on. It was an invigorating process and I may join the army of ladies who go in at least once a year to go through the new seasons stock.Best get saving!
One of my friends subsequently booked  a session at Top Shop for her daughter and my own daughter is also fancying that for her birthday.
I just need to convince my sister now as it's so much easier than trying to get picked for Trinny & Susannah show.


  1. YOu were brave to take a style advisor , buying your things for the year in one go is so sensible, everything matches and flows and you can save/budget ahead. You look lovely in bright colours by the way. Betty

  2. Betty - I think the photos show me off in my natural gurning self, bad hair day too boot. I am so glad I did it though havent paid for anything yet but what a confidence boost it gave me! try it!