Friday, 22 March 2013

A week without...

In years gone by if I knew I didn't have kids for a night never mind a whole week. there would be plans involving going out, doing these, generally being busy and not having to worry. So what have I done this week sans teenage responsibilities? Have I completed the decorating of dining room? Have I had the girls round for a takeaway and hoots?  Have I had mad passionate sex? (for that there really would have to be someone in my life right now as not prone to picking up random strangers  ) Have I stayed late after work for drinks and stuff? Caught up with old friends? Had my hair done?

A big fat NO.

I have collapsed exhausted and fallen asleep in front of the telly box. Me and Inspector Montalbano getting along just fine. Hot water bottle and jim jams. Do I feel refreshed? Nope even more tired than at the start of the week. I think I need another week on my own


  1. I would love a week on my own sans enfants, sadly mine seem to operate a rota system where they take it in turns to stay here and torment me ! xx ps is Inspecor M good? I read one of his last year on hols and enjoyed

  2. Auntie gwen - not read the books only watched on tv. It's now one of my places to go on holiday