Monday, 11 February 2013


I love the film Broadcast News. I love William Hurt, in fact just about everything he has ever been in. I love Albert Brooks, he gets the best lines. I especially love Holly Hunter's character Jane. Its the complete daily emotional breakdown that got me. How could she do that and then just carry one I used to wonder? Only these days I can do just exactly that. I can feel all the angst filling up inside. Getting hit by yet another emotional roller coaster and only just coming up for breath when WHAM! There goes another one. If possible I find lying on my bed the best place to be. Sure my ears my fill up with watery saltiness but after a few minutes I feel so much better. Unfortunately I cannot always control this sudden urge to cry. Take today for instance. Whilst on the phone to a mobile network who will remain nameless I found my self blubbing down the line to a complete if not sympathetic stranger. The poor man. I have to say though in terms o emotional release its pretty darn good. Sure the red puffy eyes, snotty nose and slight swelling of facial features is not going to get me date any time soon but what the hell I'm not going to cry about it or anything.

Does anyone else find a good blub helpful a la Holly Hunter? Or am I alone in this? I think not having tried unsuccessfully to find a clip of the film I came across a multitude of blogs that all name check her for precisely that. Crying - maybe we should do it a bit more often and be less of the Keep Calm & Carry On variety.


  1. Oh Mrs W.....a good cry can cure all ills...and I love that film...especially when a chap asks her if it is hard being her and being right all the time and she says yes! in such a heartfelt way!
    Feel better x

  2. I occasionally have a little sob into my cats fur - she's great as a furry hanky in times of need, I am more likely to buy myself flowers though quite honety 'because I deserve them' ha ha

  3. You're spot on - crying helps clean away the misery or emotion, I'm certainly not in the Keep Calm league!

    I'll check out the film soon - it's one of my sister's favourites. ☺

  4. Ladies - Sob away its good for the soul