Monday, 11 February 2013


I love the film Broadcast News. I love William Hurt, in fact just about everything he has ever been in. I love Albert Brooks, he gets the best lines. I especially love Holly Hunter's character Jane. Its the complete daily emotional breakdown that got me. How could she do that and then just carry one I used to wonder? Only these days I can do just exactly that. I can feel all the angst filling up inside. Getting hit by yet another emotional roller coaster and only just coming up for breath when WHAM! There goes another one. If possible I find lying on my bed the best place to be. Sure my ears my fill up with watery saltiness but after a few minutes I feel so much better. Unfortunately I cannot always control this sudden urge to cry. Take today for instance. Whilst on the phone to a mobile network who will remain nameless I found my self blubbing down the line to a complete if not sympathetic stranger. The poor man. I have to say though in terms o emotional release its pretty darn good. Sure the red puffy eyes, snotty nose and slight swelling of facial features is not going to get me date any time soon but what the hell I'm not going to cry about it or anything.

Does anyone else find a good blub helpful a la Holly Hunter? Or am I alone in this? I think not having tried unsuccessfully to find a clip of the film I came across a multitude of blogs that all name check her for precisely that. Crying - maybe we should do it a bit more often and be less of the Keep Calm & Carry On variety.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Shaving, Dough Balls & Rubber Gloves

As I exited the bathroom still putting my belt back on I said to my daughter " have you seen the size of my dough balls ( they are currently on top of the boiler in said bathroom ) Her eyebrows shot off her the back of her head

Whilst partaking in my weekly swim at some swanky new facilities there was a senior senior citizen in the lane next to me. As I concentrated on trying to remember how many lengths I had done my concentration was broken every time I passed him and he muttered " dirty bitch" under his breath. I was shocked. I wasn't even in a sexy swim suit so how could he know?

Shopping for Friday night tea, and absolutely nothing else, "oh all right you can put that in the trolley then," She-ra observed a woman putting things into her trolley in a unique style. I think she must have had a bad day at work because she threw every single item of vegetable into her basket with such gusto and snarly venom that I can only predict instant bruising. Unfortunately me being child like and everything I imitated her whilst still in view. She tried to ram me later.

The car travelling at speed on the otherside of the road on a windy bendy bendy country road had a geriatric at the wheel shaving. Yes shaving. *rolls eyes in disbelief.

When you burn yourself badly as I have recently done the wearing of rubber gloves in the most stupid thing you could do as the goddamn rubber sticks to the blistery bit and then yanks off when you remove gloves leaving an angry red sore. I predict a scar for life

Monday, 4 February 2013

Ode to habitat

This is not a sponsored post but if it was you could pay me in furniture.

My home insurance has just been up for renewal. Unfortunately it is right after Christmas and I always leave it to the last minute to shop around. I knew I was in a golden handcuffs situation with contents being over insured - but that's a good thing right? Needless to say that particular policy no longer exists at that price as it was a gift horse  I decided however to actually go through my home room by room and list everything and put a replacement value value to it so next time I have a better understanding of my true worth should we be hit by a storm/tidalwave/flood etc. Not only that, I did it on a spreadsheet. With formulas and everything.And saved it! Grown up and responsible or what?

My love for Habitat stared as a child in the 70's and it grew up with me. Both parents had many items in their respective homes and I have particular fondness for the crockery my mother had. My sister and I used to go into our local store and stroke the towels and generally coo over all sorts of gorgeous items. The velvet sofa caught our eye but having small children sensibility prevailed.

As I went through the house room by room each one holds a habitat item and so many memories with them. The giant black leather sofa I bought as my first major purchase over 20 years ago filled my home with a luscious leather smell for months. Since recovered they still are the most comfortable sofas ever but I fear the frames may be on their last legs from decades of bums and bouncing kids.

From bed linen to beakers I think I should have taken out shares. I miss Habitat from our high street, I was saddened when it moved to out of town shopping centres and even more so when it shut down. You cant stroke a giant bath sheet on the internet or test out the comfy factor of their furniture.Habitat helped make my house into a home.

the glass
the table the glasses the placemat the crockery etc and 3 cousins nearly 10 years ago

table and one of the sofa in the distance

plenty of habitatedecorations on here