Monday, 28 January 2013

Who ate the last piece?

This is a cry that can be heard more often or not in my home.

Who drank the last coke/juice/milk?

Who ate the last brownie/cookie/cake etc? It must be said that I rarely hear a forlorn cry of who ate the last apple although there were some mutterings recently over the mango.

I have taken to hiding things all over our house like some demented squirrel. Often forgetting where I have hidden the damn stuff coming across it many months later having gone and bought more supplies of same item. At Christmas I had to resort to sticking notices on the fridge

Most recently I have gone to the cake tin where I splashed out and bought a Marks & Spencer Simnel cake.

2 days ago a quarter had gone and no one ate any yesterday. However when I took the lid off today only half remains and the wee marzipan balls have all but disappeared thus robbing me of my sad joke about which disciple I'm about to eat. So who ate my balls and cake?


  1. Thank God we're normal! we have to hide biscuits, cakes, crisps or we come to eat it and find it disappeared into someones bedroom. No wonder we had mice recently! We have a menu on the fridge each week stating what each meal will be and what the snacks are - obsessive but it works!

  2. Nightmare stuff! I had a few secret stash places in my time, I can tell you! It's remember to switch off the lights notices I could be doing with, mind you!

  3. Auntie G - thought as much
    Helena- lights we're ok with, leaving tv or pc on all night is a different story