Wednesday, 23 January 2013

This isn't an Indiana Jones Adventure

Tara's theme this week is adventure.

If you have children than raising them is an adventure. Having Teens turns that adventure into a somewhat unpredictable and not always a pleasant one. There are different levels to this adventure; some of them so funny you cry, others nail biting worrying, some to make your blood boil. others that make your chest burst with pride and that test your parenting skills on to new levels.

To get them to 18 is like passing "Go" on the Monopoly board. You certainly don't get £200 when you go past in fact quite the opposite, but you feel like you have got to them to somewhere called being responsible. You also realise what a mean and nasty world we live in; how naive they are. Their belief that everyone is telling the truth; why would people mislead you, lie, steal your money etc? Why you cant party and still have enough money to live from - somethings got to give. With age comes responsibility and in turn respect - quite possibly the two major currencies of the world, the fifty pound notes so to speak. They certainly seem be our main trading currency chez nous. You certainly can't command it if you don't give it back. Without these pillars you are not going to get far in life. 

It is not wrong to make mistakes but it is foolish not learn from them.Sometimes when you have to stand back to let them make those mistakes that is the hardest part of the adventure for all, for both of you. The mistake you make as as a teenager are part of the foundations for your adventure of life. Make it count and have a fabulous adventure.


  1. Awwww I like this take on Adventure. Raising children is definitely one big massive adventure in itself.

  2. Completely agree that raising children is an adventure in itself. A really nice post :) x

  3. I could hear you mom heart beating in every word of this...

  4. Adventure? that's a word for it :) much love from your auntie xxxx

  5. I really like you're description, mine aren't anywhere near that age yet but can imagine how tough it will be.

  6. So true....those pillars are important!