Saturday, 12 January 2013


It's is New Year's Day. It is morning, She-ra & I decide to accompany the Grumpy Old Man to the park for a walk. We end up arriving as the local running club are doing a "hey-aren't-we-mad" 5k fun run ( quite fancy joining them next year .) There were a hundred or so mad souls lycrad up ready to run for it. She-ra and I amble in front of GoM who is busy taking as many photos as possible. We are asked to stop for a snap.
"Grandad" says She-ra
No reaction
"Grandad" she repeats a little more persistent
Still no response
"Grandad!" Definitely insistent
"Dad!" I cry
We get this look.

"It's Simba" she whisphered to me.
We look at the mass of runners heading towards him at a rapid pace. We look at each other. The next minute we are rolling around on the floor holding each other up crying with laughter. Dad meanwhile makes it to safety

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  1. lol.....I got faced by a similar mob in Newcastle once. Stampede indeed!