Saturday, 24 November 2012


Corny title I know but it kind of follows on from my MI5 one and it all happened in the same week. Besides I love a good pun which was also integral to the evening spent at Asda house with my lovely sister, some other fab bloggers, those nice Asda Pie makers, the Pork farm chefs, and folk from Joules brewery to celebrate the new Asda Pie range including the truly Delicious Steak & Joules ale Pie, at less than £3!

Not knowing what to expect other than the brief that we were going to talk & eat  "pie" it soon became clear on arrival at Asda house that we were going to learn how they made their pies, there would be plenty of pie talk, beer talk and then we would have to make pies ourselves followed by eating of said pies with more beer. We were suitable impressed by the professional pie makers and the imparting of top tips to make your pie truly scrumptious.We were eyes wide at the kitchen facilities at Asda house. We eyed up suspiciously the range of prepared vegetables and other luscious ingredients on a nearby work station.

 "Chorizo" I whispered to my sister as were told to man our station and create our own pie in half an hour. Her elbows were out and she dived on the said sausage, chicken thighs and a sweet pepper. We gathered some more ingredients and started to create a Spanish masterpiece. When one of the chefs placed a bottle of red by elbows that went in too. "So what's your pie called?" he enquired and quick as flash we replied " em-pie-nada" (  oh how we larfed) A slab of puff pastry,  a quick lesson in pie glue ( flour and water mix to you or I ) and we were done.

 It was at this point that to the good brewing folk cracked open their jugs and we were treated to sample of 3 ales,Joules Pale Ale, the Slumbering Monk and Blonde. The Slumbering monk was by far the winner for us along with the fact that on a Friday the local taverns put on home made sausage rolls for their punters. Hospitality at its best.

The ensuing pie smells wafting around the kitchen had us all drooling til the moment of truth when they all came out of the oven. we had a fish pie, a tricolore vegetable pie, a trio of cheese pie, a creamy salmon pie and our very own Spanish pie.

A it is such a rare occasion in my life to win anything ever to have been judged top pie makers of the night is now up there with my one time win at egg rolling aged 30 several and winning a Muppet poster when I was  aged 9 for an art project. Not content to just win the evening we decided to inflict the recipe on our family the following weekend and even the pickiest of eaters came back for seconds  We expect to see em-pie-nada making an entrance onto Asda shelves anytime soon, please do tell if you see it.


  1. Oh well done - I bet it was a laugh as well - I think you were well ahead, the other three pies conjure visions of aneamic, white fillings but yours of fiery flavour and colour!

  2. Betty - the other pies were very tasty too but nothing could match the passion of the em-pie-nada!