Wednesday, 14 November 2012

3 funerals and a wedding

Tara's The Gallery theme this week is the 80's. Do I really want to go back there? For Tara I will do anything!

The 80's started  looking something like this.

And ended looking like this.
If I had told my young 13 year old self what the decade had to hold I'm not sure what I would have made of it. So what did the 80's hold  for me.  

Rebellious teen, a stint abroad, 3 funerals and a wedding.
The hair, big hair and even bigger hair
Coloured hair from red to blonde and back again.
Make up tons of the stuff and red red lips
Fashion faux pas
Shoulder pads and high waisted trousers
Killer heels
Cigarettes, French and strong
Coffee the same
Drinking drunk and drunker still
Vomitting and puking stories to fill the next decade
Sexy sex and sexing it up
Working and studying hard
Partying and partying hardier still
Friendships came and go 
Some still standing
Responsibility to irresponsible
Child to adult in 10 years
a voyage of self discovery

If there was ever a period of life I would NEVER go back to is the 80's!
At post 16 point I was gonna RULE THE WORLD! I was off on my gap year and university was all lined up for when I got back. I had my career mapped out and knew where I was going.  It was  see the world and be young free and single for ever! This was exciting time people. And then it started to go wrong. The biggest life changing factor that cast its shadow over the rest of the 80's for me was death. I lost two grandparents that I was really close to in the space of 9 months and the following year in '87 I lost my mother. I was a baby really and floundering terribly.  The 6 month fling I was in the middle of turned into marriage because he became my rock to cling to. I dropped out of uni because I couldn't cope with all this dying business though my mother managed to get me into another course where up on she died on my first day.  Married the following year and staggering my way through the rest of the booze filled decade I made to 90's.

Ever the wiser after the event there are so many things that I would love to the change about this decade.


  1. the 80s were such materialistic times - I worked as an overpaid p.a. in merchant banking for an over indulged boss, his wife and extended family doing everything from actually typing something to booking his trips round the world and his wife's kosher dinner parties to his kid's tea parties with Prince Harry no less ... got no financial advice so frittered my income on expensive foreign holidays - the only good thing was marrying hubby, typical 80s honeymoon in Benidorm, accompanied by inlaws - not a good start to married life! Seems like another person looking back now - I think I must be a snake and sort of shed unwanted era's of my life like dead skins!

  2. I think we are of a similar vintage - struggling with growing up in an era of boom (the city) and bust (the miners) but all that stuff just passed me by I was carefree, drunk and either obsessed with my hair or with some record - it was all so one dimensional - which I guess a lot of the "loads of money" 80's was. I can't imagine losing 3 such special people during such a period of growth and making huge commitment in getting married. Thanks for sharing, your post made me stop and be thankful.
    Wonderful hair btw.
    An achievement to make it the 90's in one piece - I love the last photo, sunshine and thoughtful. I hope the 90's were kinda.

  3. that should be kinder (duh)

  4. Betty & helloitsgemma- the loadsa money decade brought out the worst in people I think. Looking back now it was such a natives time in comparison to teenage life now

  5. Sorry to hear of your losses - that must have been hard.

    The middle picture of you is great. True 80s hair & make-up!

  6. These pics are was power to the perm in those days (sadly!). God, I remember all the tugs and rips my hair endured!

    I lost my mum in 88 and still a baby, too. By far it's the era I'd never return too. I love Jarvis Cocker's quote:

    'The 80's was a terrible time. I want a refund!'

  7. I love these photos and I remember you in person "My SIster is a punk" I used to proudly tell people. The 80s were a bit shit really.

    Love you x