Tuesday, 25 September 2012

To be or not to be my lover

So 6 months single and I'm thinking should I dip my toe back into the internet dating game? To be honest in terms of fun it's up there with Ebaying. However of late I have been engaging with Kate who has bravely stepped out there and is dipping her toes in the whole scenario. A GOOD ON HER!  I think she deserves a medal. In fact there should be a medal for those brave enough to do it. How do you capture the essence of you in a few lines? How do get the good photos? How do you pluck the courage to send that first message, go on the first date? I have been there,seen that and got a Tee shirt ( although mine was a gift from Hot Date of Gene Hunt )

I would like to meet someone at some point but naturally and less manufactured. I'm  definitely old school believing that at some point I will just bump in to someone and relationship will thus develop. It could be Hugh Grant Notting Hill Stylee or maybe George Clooney Up in the air, or even Brad Pitt, think Thelma and Louise. I just don't fancy looking for the old maddog68 - silver fox seeking silver lady friend type banter that goes with internet dating.

Maybe it's because I can feel the clock ticking that I might give it one more try. Putting age as 46 instead of 45 seems like a slippery slope towards 50 and before you know my collar and cuffs will match the old silver fox's head of hair. No amount of cream will bring back the bouncy youthfulness of skin of yesteryear and yes my tits will be down my belly button. The joints are already creaking and a passionate embrace might break something by the time I get to 50+! By which point I will have been single for nearly a decade. *SOBS loudly!

So should I do it? I am quite happy discovering myself ( not in a pervy way) having been a child bride. And after 18 months of Hot Date fizzling out I'm feeling a little cautious to let myself in for what internet relationships might bring to my door step again.  Or shall  I continue in my own merry way bimbling along trying out new things occasionally and see where life takes me?


  1. I think stick to your merry way bimbling along is the way to go - hope you have lots of adventures ahead of you and that they happen in a spontaneous and fun sort of way. Betty x

  2. I didn't realise the hot date was no more.....crikey....I must pay attention.
    As for dating again...I think safe online dating does exist somewhere and should be worth giving a go...and bimble along at the same you would do both actions in tandem...quite happily...and see what occurs.

  3. Betty - I am inclined to agree. Just not ready to be so "up for it" at the moment

    Libby - To be fair I didn't realise publicise the fact that Hot Date was no more. For the best really. I remember when I did internet dating last time and I had to be mentally ready and I am really not there at the moment. I will keep you posted

  4. Not an easy one but I do know a few couples who met online - on forums as well as dating sites in particular, and all was well. Give it a few weeks to see how you fair then. But I'd most likely give the internet a go. Fingers crossed!