Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Hard Stare

I am in the midst of rare occurrence. Once every 3 -4 years I will summon up the courage and sell a couple of things on eBay. This time I have excelled myself. I put over 20 items in one go. It's a new form of torture. This should be a new form of punishment for wayward children,teens and even in-the-dog-house adults. Never mind the naughty step or no pocket money how about a whole weekend of collating. cleaning, weighing, researching, photographing crap followed by inane questions from dip sticks. This is then closely followed by the great pack up and dash to the nearest Post Office or courier. ( I have just discovered Hermes by the way so I hope their cheapo prices mean the items get there in one piece !) Or you may do collection in person on some items. This quite entertaining but also tying. Once I am told that I have to stay in for a whole morning or evening I will suddenly feel the urge to go out at exactly the same time. So far I have had a" try before you buy" lady ( unsuccessful bidding too -shame ), trying out my bikes. A man from the depths of the counties inbred community in gravity defying jogger pants complete with suspect stains who gave me useful advice on my sons custom built BMX. We've had the eastern Europeans and yesterday I had many conversations from Nigel, a very small Jewish man in his 50's, wider than he was tall,  "who was picking the item for his friend Richard. he certainly did look like he was in need of a universal bike rack, I don't think his feet would have touched a bike pedals. He said " and do you know my aunt across the road?" At this point I had to say "we wave at each other" as said  ancient aunt is rarely seen out although her husband is back and forth in his car all day long. They seem happy with the "just wave and smile" kind of neighbourly attention. I did have to bite my tongue though as they have a lot of inconsiderate visitors who block me in my drive way every weekend. I digress and now have the urge to write a blog on neighbours.

To assist the great eBay sales you need great eBay photos. She-ra is a mad keen photographer so I let her loose on a few items. I have to say that I am not surprised that Paddington is giving me a "hard stare" after what he saw.

50 shades of grey eat your heart out! These are yet to go on eBay so if anyone wants to make a bid on a randy genuine 1977 Paddington complete with the original labels, wellies,hat coat etc as made Mr Jeremy Clarkson's mother in Burghwallis. Or indeed the randy Steiff rabbit then get in touch. I meanwhile will be putting items on every weekend until I have achieved my objective of clearing the home of things we just don't use any/need any more. I just wish there was an easier way.


  1. Y'see just when I think to myself that I must try to put all my dust gathering stuff on t'interweb to try and sell it (ebay virgin here)I read something like this and then get the vapours again...sigh......please tell me that sometimes it works?

  2. Libby _ I just sold all sorts of random things gathering dust in the garage netting me £150+. I have now gathered even more things to hopefully net me even more dosh for Christmas etc. DO IT!

  3. I have a Paddington Bear just like that - green coat and red hat. He's somewhere in the loft, hopefully staying clear of Steiff rabbits!

  4. Reminds me of a poo bear toy we had years ago who lay on his back with a big smile and had a suspect pointy thing in middle of tummy area on which coloured rings were stacked - we put it away as it seemed a bit pervy. Maybe he came from the same designer as the Steiff rabbit.