Sunday, 26 August 2012

Today I am a man

So the big teen has turned 18. An adult but still very much a little boy. This was his favourite car once upon a time. We had to have two in case we lost one. Can you see how well loved it was? He would carry it every where, fall asleep with it in his chubby wee paw.

It's been a really hard time of late and tough love is so very hard to do. But we've managed a holiday together recently and to watch him and his sister on his birthday brought tears to our eyes. We love you big fella and are always there to catch you when you fall.


  1. Awwww......moms and sons......hearts full forever.....lovely photos and you are right - tough love is not easy....but those photos show family and love.

  2. Libby many thanks. There can't be 18 year old who had a camp site singing Happy Birthday to you or a 4 year old sing it in the style of a pig

  3. Congratulations on doing a great job! I have the same magic and very proud moment only a few weeks away when my oldest turns 18 too. Betty

  4. Thanks Betty -its a scary moment when they become adults officially! - good luck with yours

  5. I'm going to get all emotional now. We don't want them to grow up and yet, when they do, we look at them with such pride.
    Happy birthday to your boy