Sunday, 26 August 2012

Today I am a man

So the big teen has turned 18. An adult but still very much a little boy. This was his favourite car once upon a time. We had to have two in case we lost one. Can you see how well loved it was? He would carry it every where, fall asleep with it in his chubby wee paw.

It's been a really hard time of late and tough love is so very hard to do. But we've managed a holiday together recently and to watch him and his sister on his birthday brought tears to our eyes. We love you big fella and are always there to catch you when you fall.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Niece, The Nephew & The School Holidays

Every so often I get to have them ALL TO MYSELF! Sometimes even over night too! This time it was a school holiday with me Auntie. I had mulled over all sorts of things we could and in the end opted for for a day of this.
A-Z treasure chest. The chest being a Greek yoghurt pot that you can just see in the top photo. They had the whole day to collect as many things of all the letters of the alphabet and were able to fit inside the tub. All to get the treasure. Unbeknownst to them this was in fact a packet of Jelly Tots and well-earnt too. The were pretty brilliant at this game and The Nephew was just as eager to do the writing and make his mark as his older sister.
The MOUSE -  whilst searching for items to go in our treasure chest The Nephew found a "something in a box" in the garage. That something was a very much alive mouse. Keen not to be an additional member of the family or unwilling participant in our game it scarpered.
Shopping for our picnic.  taking a selection of scooter and skateboard we bimbled to the local shops with the dog to purchase the necessaries for our picnic. As we well know once you have said items in your possession irrespective of the time of day you become overwhelmed by hunger. That said you may have to lie down en route.

Bumped knees number 1. En route back home The Niece fell very silently off her scooter and bumped her knees. Giving us a lesson in silent sobbing and bravery we managed to get home in one piece in order to administer First Aid, apparently a tiny piece of tissue followed by a large plaster.
I-spy - en route - with some pretty amazing subjects I have to say
Water and park .After a false start aka as sibling-bickering in-the-back-of-the-car before we have even set off ( I wish I had had the same level headedness with my own two *ahem ) we headed off to  a nearby town that has a great children's' playground complete with central paddling pool.  There was lots of splashing, ball throwing chasing, climbing and yes you've guessed it...
Bumped knees number 2 - Nephew somehow managed to slip up a grass slope and find the only piece of metal and gashed his knee and shin. Apparently the magic tissue was called for yet again and after much louder sobbing than his sibling and hugs we sent him and his now very muddy legs back into the paddling pool.
Picnic time - Prawn sandwich for her, Plain ham for him. More meat for him in form of cocktail sausages. Melt in the mouth Skips - her choice. The cherry tomatoes and hummus were only touched by myself. They then ploughed in the Angel slices kindly provided for by Mr Kipling who also gave them the 'x' in exceedingly for the treasure hunt.
Scooters,Monkey Bars & Firemen Pole - Having a break form the water there seemed to be some sort fo complicated race on how many times they could do certain activities. along as I appeared to be counting they were happy.
Obligatory Ice-cream  quickly followed by Obligatory Skate park stop off for him.
Toy Shop - we rounded off the day to our local toy shop which has very cheap toys starting at pennies going upwards.This involved a "are we nearly there yet auntie" kind of walk all of 15 minutes. He made a very quick decision to purchase a bow and arrow. She then couldn't make a decision at all until finally deciding on a child lipstick and balloon stuffed with flour that you pull into funny shapes.
Fart Power - arriving back they played in the street with said new toys. He firing his arrows at her bum - on request, playing traffic lights on various 2 wheeled objects all of which the Nephew proudly and loudly announced to the whole neighbourhood were fuelled by fart or Trump Power!

Projectile vomiting - after a hectic day they were fed favourite foods or so I thought. The Niece chowed down on her pasta bolognese. The Nephew who was starving, having eaten non stop all day ( it's a boy thing ) galloped his pasta and cheese, leaving the cheese because it was the wrong colour. All washed down with several glass of water swallowed at speed. It is the speed in which he did this that I then blame for the following. Projectile vomiting not once, not twice but three times including getting his sister as a target. It was at this moment that mummy arrived. 
Time to stand down mop up sick and wavy bye bye.