Monday, 16 July 2012

Great Yorkshire Show Virgins

We have been planning this day for some time, years in fact. To finally get to visit the biggest show in the county. 900 stalls, a multitude of livestock competitions, food stalls galore. Oh we were ready. We had the wellies, the camera, the brolly and the desire to see everything. Arriving at early doors in an already boggy field we did not care a jot as we marched into the show and were captivated by everything. Actually mainly all the livestock. Conversations were had with the falconry guys where I dazzled them, not, with my townie knowledge of why owls eyes are different colours. She-ra was besotted with the horses, me with the pigs. We ate bacon butties ( after seeing the pigs ) mahossive cake and sipped samples of sloe gin, Sipsmith gin and cider. It rained and it poured but nothing could diminish our love for a great day out. From bowler hats to amazing whiskers a seriously  Grand Day out. If the cold started to get to us with the interminable rain we knew we could always buy some hideous county fair jumper that would be worn on only the coldest days ( or at our soon  to be had camping holiday ) but thankfully we braved it through. The country attire at fine country prices, even when hideous was quite incredible. Hunter wellies, tweed jackets and sticks at the ready. Don't forget your wicker basket!

Dreading the drive out of the car park we were in fact out in a jiffy. What relief we attended on the first day as it was cancelled after that due the Great British Summer weather. Now we just need a small holding and some fine young farm hands and that'll be me sorted then.


  1. The whole day sounds wonderful...where did you stay? p.s.when you have the small holding (and the farm hands) will you do B+B and I can visit?

  2. What a great day out, I would love to have been there.

  3. Libby - its driving distance for us. You will be one of the first guests at my B&B
    Betty - we love county shows